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Can You Bet on eSports: How To’s and the Best Strategies

With the ever-changing technological advancements and the growth of the gaming industry, online betting has come far along the way to meet eSports. What is eSports betting? It is the concept of betting on gaming as a professional sport. From years way back, it started as a service area of betting that rapidly climbed up the scales and has rolled out to plenty of dedicated eSport betting platforms.

There are eSports betting sites all over the internet that can accommodate your eSport bet. One, in particular, is, and with the number of players competing in different eSport every day is the rise of bets booked by every site. The number of eSports enthusiasts and the occasional number of viewers is around 400 million, according to

Participating in eSports is a form of support and, at the same time, entertaining. If you are new or you need help joining in with all the fun, here are some strategies to help you through your eSport betting experience.

Live Betting Options

Live betting is an exciting way and is very easily available across various betting sites. You can enjoy the game unravel and, at the same time, analyze to bet on various possible outcomes in real-time. But live betting requires a beforehand background check on the teams, players, terms and conditions and of course, the game to be played.

eSports live betting is placing your bets while an eSport match or event is in progress. More and more bookies are committed to live betting for most eSports offerings. Take a look at the available opportunities of live betting on a bookmaker’s site and make use of the benefits on your next bet.

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Although the market for live, in-play varies depending on each site and in fairness, almost all accessible gambling sites now offer live casinos or eSports on their homepage. Those with bookies dedicated to their eSports service tend to have a higher number of in-game odds available to customers, and newbies can only be guaranteed this betting experience once they have created and registered a legitimate account.

Know the Game

Take the time to study the players and the teams involved in the game but, most importantly, know the game. This eSport betting strategy of familiarizing oneself with the competitive gameplay of top-tier eSports games like CS: GO, League of Legends, and Starcraft II can help your place your hard-earned cash on the best possible winning team and player.

It will so happen that there is an outstanding rate of casual eSports bets from fans jumping straight into placing bets without doing any research for a piece of knowledge on the games they are betting on.

Try not to be caught up in all the excitement and the rewards of the bets. It is not a good idea to assume the simplicity of the method and automatically place bets on the popular team.

Immersion into the Game

With sports, you can understand the rules of the game without being a player yourself. But stepping into an eSports player’s shoes is different and will greatly affect your eSports earnings. Having the perspective of the players first-hand will help you understand where the game is heading in each play.

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You can start playing with the list of popular eSports games; from there, you can choose what most interests you. The internet is more than happy to guide you in your learning of the games. 

Learning a new game can help you make new connections that can benefit you and your eSports betting strategy. You can involve yourself in communities to help you understand more of what is at stake with the games.

How to Bet on eSports?

Becoming an eSports player is easy and similar to betting on traditional sporting events. After coming to a decision on the odd that represents the best value of your hard-earned money, you place a wager on which team you think will win the game.

Here are some of the basic types of eSports bets:

  • Handicap Bet – this happens when an unfavourable team is given an advantage by a sportsbook, a margin that takes the game on equal footing.
  • Group Winner – if there are organized groups in a tournament and you place your bet on the winning group.
  • Draw – placing a bet on if you decide that the outcome of the match results in a draw.
  • Over/Under – the sportsbook lays out particular statistics in a given game, and you can place your bets according to that, whether the actual number of the game is either lower or higher than the bookmaker’s odds.
  • Map Winner – this is placing your bet on eSports games on the team that wins the specified map.
  • First Blood – it may apply to specific games, and place your bet on the team who scores the first kill of the match.
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Up and Coming

The eSports industry is still young and new to most of the population, but according to eSports betting statistics, it is growing at an incredible pace, and you might as well keep up with the trends and latest strategies to ace becoming an eSports bettor.